Success stories from our Salem members:









  • Marlen Gutierrez's success story

    There isn’t enough words...

    There isn't enough words to express how much I appreciate this place! I have grown so much here. I came in with 0 to no experience, feeling intimidated, bu

    Marlen Gutierrez

    4 year(s) at Iron Phoenix Athletics LLC

  • Matt Sturzinger's success story

    An incredible culture...

    Aron and his team have built an incredible culture of not only fitness but wellness also. I decided to join during Covid and it was one of the best decisio

    Matt Sturzinger

    2 year(s) at Iron Phoenix Athletics LLC


Scroll down to see our timeline to get you from today to the future healthier, happier you.

  • 1: Introductory Interview
  • 2 - 4: Assessment
  • 5-15+: Fundamentals
  • 20+: Hybrid Membership
  • 365 & beyond: Train for LIFE!
  • Step 1: Introductory Interview Image

    Day 1: Introductory Interview

    Step 1: Introductory Interview

    Our first meeting together is where we get to know each other and answer the question: Can we help get you fit & healthy?

    Maybe, but we're not sure. Let's talk and see if it makes sense to work together. If our mutual goals align we will invite you to join us for the next step: Assessment.

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  • Step 2: Three Day Assessment Image

    Day 2 - 4: Assessment

    Step 2: Three Day Assessment

    You and your coach will take the time to check, measure and record your joint ranges of motion, your balance & coordination, your stamina & recovery, and strength.

    We'll also check in with your current understanding of nutrition, terminology, movement skills, weight lifting competency & confidence. 

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  • Step 3: Learn the Fundamentals Image

    Day 5-15+: Fundamentals

    Step 3: Learn the Fundamentals

    Work with your coach to learn and get familiar with the movements you’ll be using in our training. Many of these movements you may already know — we’re just going to make you better and more confident.

    We’ll teach you how to jump, squat, pull, and press with safe, effective technique, so you can get stronger and avoid injury. Don’t worry if you need extra time here. Everyone has their own pace.

  • Step 4: Hybrid Membership Image

    Day 20+: Hybrid Membership

    Step 4: Hybrid Membership

    Chat with your coach about your goals and start attending classes that work for your schedule. Don’t be afraid to show up early, ask questions, cheer on your peers, and socialize after the workout! Our community means the world to us and we want you to be a part of it.

    We’ll schedule on-going check-ins to review your goals, monitor your progress, keep you accountable, and stay up-to-date with changes in your life.

  • Step 5: Stay Committed & Train for LIFE! Image

    Day 365 & beyond: Train for LIFE!

    Step 5: Stay Committed & Train for LIFE!

    Congrats on making some new friends! When you're surrounded with others who are working hard to achieve their goals, you are more likely to succeed in achieving yours.

    Time to celebrate your new lifestyle of reaching milestones, pushing toward your potential, achieving PRs (personal records), and so much more!

    Take Your First Step To A Healthier You


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We know walking through the door is the hardest part. You take the first step and we’ll meet you where you are.